the story

over the last 5 years ive been to 33 countries with a backpack and less than $30 bucks a day. i've volunteered in most countries ive visited because for example, taking care of street dogs in thailand in exchange for 3 meals a day and a bed is awesome, it is the best way to get to know a culture and its people. it fills my soul in a way that nothing else can. 

i've left my heart with animals, women and children across the world. 

the story of malas with a mission begins in september 2017 when i made my first trip to india. i walked into a small family run business on the east side of the ganges river in rishikesh. in the back of the shop, beautiful hand knotted malas were hung from a peg board. i talked with the business owner's son, a quiet guy named ashish who spoke some english. i learned his mother and other family members make all the malas and that his dad built the family business from nothing. they were incredibly kind & humble- being experts in the gem industry and mala makers for over 15 years! they had my trust. i bought a mala for myself and a few days later i was back to buy 75 more. i didn't have anything figured out yet, and i spent a ton of money i didn't really have, but i took the risk because i was searching for a bigger way to give back. i told ashish about my idea to donate the money from selling the malas and i had their blessing and support. before i left the shop, the dad gifted me with a rose quartz bracelet to help me continue to lead from my heart. and so, MALAS WITH A MISSION was born with a simple desire to give back- to the beautiful artisans who traditionally make malas and to amazing non-profit missions. 

malas with a mission brings together my love for yoga, meditation, travel, & giving back to make a sustainable impact! 

these days, i work directly with ashish from my home in california (via phone calls and pictures!) to design the malas. they are hand made and blessed then shipped to me! with my own research and the knowledge passed to me from the family, i have learned a lot about the properties and healing power of gemstones. i believe that the combination of the malas being made in india (where malas originally come from), being blessed in the holy ganges river, and using the malas as a way to give back in so many different ways makes these malas hold an extra special energy. my intention is to design the most high vibrational and compassionate malas to support you on your journey.

xoxo, Meagan


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