Men's Collection: True Self Mala

Men's Collection: True Self Mala


Precious stone: Black Golden Obsidian 

Length: 25 inches

Properties: Obsidian forms from molten lava that cooled very quickly and had no time to form into glass. Obsidian is called the “mirror stone” because of its reflective surface, but also for those prepared to look deep into the inner being, the subconscious, to reveal one’s true self…flaws, beauty, weaknesses, & strengths. Nothing is hidden from Obsidian.

This traditional 108 bead prayer necklace is hand knotted with love & care in Rishikesh, India. The artisans of this unique creation is a beautiful family whom I carefully work with to select the best malas.

With your purchase, $13.55 is donated to a partner non-profit organization of your choice (choose when item is added to cart).

Each purchase includes a donation to our projects, a small jewelry pouch, and details on how to care for your mala.

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