Mini Collection: Movement + Change Mala

Mini Collection: Movement + Change Mala


Precious stone: Malachite  

Length: 19 inches

Properties: Malachite is a divine stone. It brings a sense of playful contradiction, as evidenced by its banded light and dark greens, that reaches into its energy of transformation. It is always moving, always flowing. It’s energy is always protectively gentle, though, until that last tiny push which may be needed to move one onto the next state of being. The energies that malachite has can protect you from negative energies and create a powerful barrier around you. It can guide you to take the right action when you need to make important changes in your life. Whatever you’re feeling or focusing on, Malachite will amplify that. This stone will push you towards change and rebirth, whether you think you’re ready or not. A stone of bravery, Malachite will encourage you to take the risks you’ve been avoiding. Physically, this stone will absorb plutonium, radiation and electromagnetic pollution.

This traditional 108 bead prayer necklace is designed in California by Meagan + hand knotted with positive intention and blessed in Rishikesh, India by the Agarwal family.

Each purchase includes a donation to your chosen mission (choose when item is added to cart), an information card for the mission, a small jewelry pouch, and details on how to care for your mala.

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