Sandalwood Collection: Sodalite

Sandalwood Collection: Sodalite

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Precious stones: Sodalite + Sandalwood

Length: 20 inches

Properties: Sodalite guides one to trust their instincts by opening the third eye chakra, the seat of intuition and wisdom. Opening and balancing the third eye results in harmony, peace & balance. This grounding stone releases tension and fears, negative emotions, and helps one sleep soundly at night.  Sandalwood is soothing and attracts positive energy, increases optimism and clarity of thought.

This traditional 108 bead prayer necklaces are designed in California by Meagan + hand knotted with positive intention and blessed in Rishikesh, India by the Agarwal family.

Each purchase includes a donation to our projects, a small jewelry pouch, and details on how to care for your mala.

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