Trust + Magic Mala

Trust + Magic Mala


Precious stones: Labradorite + Rainbow Moonstone

Length: 23 inches

Properties: Labradorite and Moonstone are both deeply mystical and work harmoniously together to unlock your magic. Labradorite will banish your fear and light your imagination on fire, allowing you to trust what life has in store. Moonstone connects you to the moon’s magic and your intution. Labradorite raises your vibration while Moonstone brings serendipity and synchronicity to your path. Because of it’s connection to the moon, Moonstone can also soothe PMS symptoms and balance your hormones.

This traditional 108 bead prayer necklace is designed in California by Meagan + hand knotted with positive intention and blessed in Rishikesh, India by the Agarwal family.

Each purchase includes a donation to one of our non-profit partners (choose when item is added to cart), an information card for the non-profit, a small jewelry pouch, and details on how to care for your mala.

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