Meagan Hurst is a yoga instructor, photographer, social media manager, world traveller and owner of Malas With A Mission. She has a BA in small business entrepreneurship and cinematography from CSULB and became a RYT-500 in 2016. Meagan believes that her most valuable education has come from backpacking and volunteering throughout 30+ different countries though. She loves to explore new places and challenge herself, but will always have roots and find comfort in California where she was born. Meagan approaches teaching yoga in the same way: building classes around exploring new places in the mind and body, but always staying rooted in the breath and foundations of yoga philosophy and alignment. Each class will have elements of power flow and restorative (because balance is the best), but no two classes are exactly the same leaving no room for expectations. While teaching yoga Meagan never takes herself too seriously and loves making awkward jokes. You might be asked to smile wide or stick out your tongue during class, but you will also dig deep and look within. She will push you to your edge and bring you back to center gently.


current schedule:

Monday & Wednesday 8:30 am Aligned Flow at The Yoga Harbor

Fridays 6:30 pm Slow Flow & Meditation at The Yoga Harbor

Saturdays 9:30 am Strong Vinyasa Flow at The Yoga Harbor


Meagan is the owner of Malas With A Mission ( & Meagan Kathleen Photography (

@world_yogi on instagram